About Us

Dogcan construction company has started its activities in 1992, located among the leading companies of the Turkish construction sector with a stable growth policy with a planned increase.

Dogcan construction company performed very succesfull construction Works in the past. These activities consist the construction of institutions, business centers, hospitals an various construction and contracting activities especially sport complex as well as building of qualified public housing constructions.

Dogcan construction company aims to perform every project with high quality and with technology at the highest level.

Dogcan construction company has always adopted being respectful to human, society and nature with 20 years of experience, over 2000 employees, dynamic and trained staff, reliable funding sourcesi high quality services in the globalized economy of the 21st century with the sinergy that we created.

Dogcan construction company has been fullfilling commitment projects succesfully since 1992 and advancing with princibles and objectives in the sector.